Adipurush 2023 Movie Story, Review, Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast


Adipurush movie will release theatrically on 16 June 2023.

Directed by : Om Raut
Screenplay by : Om Raut
Based on : Ramayana by Valmiki
Produced by : Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Om Raut, Prasad Sutar, Rajesh Nair
Starring : Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Devdatta Nage
Cinematography : Karthik Palani
Edited by : Apurva Motiwale Sahai, Ashish Mhatre
Production companies : T-Series Films Retrophiles
Distributed by : AA Films (Hindi), UV Creations (Telugu), People Media Factory (Telugu), KRG Studios (Kannada)
Release date : 16 June 2023
Running time : 179 minutes
Country : India
Languages : Hindi, Telugu

Adipurush Movie Story And Review :

“Adipurush” is a highly anticipated cinematic retelling of the revered Indian epic, Ramayana, renowned for its timeless message of triumph over evil. The film centers around Raghav, a noble prince hailing from the illustrious Ikshvaku dynasty in the kingdom of Kosala. Alongside his beloved wife, Janaki, and his younger brother, Shesh, Raghav embarks on a transformative journey that unfolds during a challenging 14-year exile in the untamed wilderness.

Their chosen abode in the enchanting forests of Panchvati, nestled by the sacred river Godavari, becomes the backdrop for a series of extraordinary events. The tranquility of their new life is shattered when they encounter Shurpankha, a cunning and malevolent demoness. Driven by her dark desires, Shurpankha attempts to seduce Raghav and Shesh, but her wicked plot fails, resulting in a profound and transformative consequence—the loss of her ears and nose.

Word of Shurpankha’s humiliation reaches Lankesh, the formidable Demon King and brother of the demoness. Consumed by anger and seeking revenge, Lankesh ruthlessly abducts Janaki, aiming to make Raghav suffer for his sister’s plight. Thus begins a treacherous and emotionally charged quest as Raghav and Shesh embark on a daring mission to rescue Janaki.

Adipurush  movie story

Their path to liberation is guided by Sugriv, the wise and noble Monkey King, accompanied by his loyal companion Bajarang, and their mighty monkey army. Together, they face countless challenges and forge deep alliances as they navigate the perils of their journey.

In their determination to overcome all obstacles, Raghav and his valiant allies seek the blessing of the Sea God to bridge the vast ocean, leading them to the shores of Lanka—the impenetrable fortress of Lankesh. What follows is an epic clash between the forces of righteousness and the dark powers of evil, as Raghav’s unwavering devotion to truth and justice fuels an awe-inspiring battle.

In this climactic confrontation, Raghav emerges as a beacon of hope, courageously facing Lankesh, and ultimately emerging triumphant. The defeat of the Demon King marks the long-awaited liberation of Janaki, reuniting her with her beloved husband and bringing the saga to a powerful and poignant conclusion.

Adipurush  movie review

“Adipurush” showcases the enduring themes of bravery, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of righteousness prevailing against all odds. With its compelling narrative and profound messages, the film promises to captivate audiences, instilling a renewed belief in the inherent power of good to conquer evil.

Adipurush Movie Cast :

Prabhas, widely acclaimed for his remarkable performance in the “Baahubali” series, takes on the pivotal role of Adi Purusha, embodying the noble traits of Lord Rama. Kriti Sanon, a talented actress, has been cast as Janaki, Lord Rama’s devoted wife. The versatile Saif Ali Khan portrays the menacing character of Lankesh, the formidable ruler of Lanka.

Adipurush  movie screenshort

Adipurush Movie Production :

“Adipurush” has been created with great ambition, boasting a substantial budget that makes it one of the most lavish Indian productions to date. The film is being simultaneously filmed in Hindi and Telugu, and upon completion, it is expected to captivate audiences across multiple languages.

Adipurush  movie trailier

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