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Aspirants is a masterpiece web series in conjuction with 5 episodes of TVF ( the viral fever). As always TVF created by Arunabh Kumar came with a great story of three friends who were preparing for their UPSC exams at Rajendar Nagar, Delhi. This amazing story is written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish. Aspirants series was directed by Apoorv Singh. The very first episode of TVF aspirants was aired on YouTube on 7th of April, 2021.


Release date

1st episode 7th of April, 2021 2nd episode 4th of April, 2021 3rd episode 21st of April, 2021 4th episode 28th of April, 2021 5th episode 8th of May, 2021.

No. Of season : 1

No. Of episodes : 5

Directed by

Apoorv Singh Karki

Produced by

Arunabh Kumar

Written by

Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish

Associate Director

Himali Shah

Cast & Crew

Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Parihar, Abhilash Thapliyal, Sunny hinduja,Ashish khare, Shiv Chauhan.

Created by

Arunabh Kumar & shreyansh Pandey

Music by

Rohit Sharma

Distributed by

The Viral Fever




TVF’s Aspirants mini web series is all about the past and present story of three friends and they are Abhilash, SK(Shwet Ketu) and Guri. Abhilash who is now a reputed officer in the series. SK is a well known teacher under unacademy and Guri is doing his business. In the past, their bond was too strong and for that people called them as tripod in the institution.
Abhilash was an electronic background student, always stayed serious about his paper. He was confused about his paper. In the last three attempts he was facing failure continuously owing to the wrong selection of subject. He then thought to change the paper in his last attempt which was like making a history in UPSC world. Abhilash was facing dilemma in this situation cause it is as tough to select the subject in the last attempt as to crack it.

Becoming an IAS officer is one of the biggest and ambitious dreams. But for that having a good teacher and a great guidance is most important to crack UPSC. Abhilash realizes that his coaching is not worth it at all. He wanted to leave his coaching center and find better one. Though his institution doesn’t have a free-return policy but somehow he managed that too. And suddenly he again realizes that after hearing a motivational speech he should not do so. But then he was decided to change his subject.

Though it’s a challenging one, India’s one of the toughest exams. Along with knowledge you need to have patience too for preparing UPSC exam. In the series, Abhilash meets an wonderful folk as Sandeep Bhaia and from where he gets all his spur. He was able to decide his subject and all. He accepts Sandeep bhaia as his mentor for everything he does.
UPSC is an exam with success rate less than 1%. So, having a plan B is much more important than having only one plan. Abhilash realizes that after meeting with his other two friends, he tells that everyone needs to have plan B. In the series Abhilash falls in love with a girl aspirant Dhariya who was smart. But then he has to leave Dharia for his career. But everyone has to face failure even in the last attempt too. Abhilash comes to join again his job but here he is not able to work properly.
Abhilash becomes IAS Abhilash sharma. But how?! In the final attempt he failed too. Yes, he got know that UPSC extended its 2 more attempts for his aspirants. He went Rajhendhar Nagar again and prepared well this time more than earlier.

After becoming an IAS officer he is struggling to find out the past and present situation. Suddenly he meets with Sandeep bhaia in his office. Here, as earlier sandeep bhaia gives a wonderful lesson of life how he lost his love for his career. And how all kind of relationship is important along with this. Cause, in the era of preparing exam somehow the tripod has broken down.

There was happening a big fight between Abhilash and Guri. And SK was busy trying to make it together. In the season finale there occurs a happy ending as always. All three tripod is again reunites each other in the wedding ceremony of Guri. They find back their friendship and there occurs the meeting of tripod happily.

Screenshort Of Aspirants :

aspirant 4

Aspirants review And public opinion :

The viral fever presents web series Aspirants helps us to know about some important fact about UPSC exam. It is one of the toughest exams in the world. In the Aspirants web series we get to know about the importance of proper guidance, motivation and positive approach. Also, we need to have good companions too.
For the career, we should not leave our loved ones, we should value our family, friends and loved ones simultaneously along with the career.
Also, in the web series we get to know one more important fact that, there always should be a plan B. If we couldn’t crack it, what would we do in the future. We should think about it. And have a good plan B. It’s a series helps us to know about how we keep patience in the time of preparation. If we fail once we have to stay motivated and learn from the failure. We should not do the same fault again and from there only we can grow.
I personally feel that any aspirant who is preparing for any kind of competitive exams should watch the series at least for once. Because it teaches us many phase of life along with how preparation should be in right manner

Watch Aspirants trailer :

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  1. How much money earn per episode abhilash in TVF aspirants?

    Abhilash charges 2 lacs per episode.

  2. How did Gauri and dhairya come together in TVF aspirants?

    Guri was doing his business and Dharia was doing social work and there they get together.

  3. English song used in TVF aspirants Episode 4?

    ‘I am going home’ song was played in the background.

  4. Study background of the actors acting in aspirants Web series in TVF

    Naveen Kasturia – Graduated from Netaji Subhas University of echnology.
    Shivankit singh parihar – Mass communication from Makhanlal Chaturvedi University, Madhya Pradesh.
    Abhilash Thapliyal – Graduated in journalism and Mass communication from Delhi University.

  5. How many episodes are there in TVF aspirants web series?

    There are total 5 episodes in tvf Aspirants.

  6. Is TVF aspirants is 18+ ?

    No, anyone can watch of any age.

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