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Best Movies 2023 Download

1.Top Gun: Maverick Movie

Top Gun: Maverick is  simply awesome. I thought it would be good, but it’s actually a lot more fun than I anticipated. The return to the original is well done, the new characters are strong and well cast, they make a lot of sense, the music is great, the action is great – the aerial footage is sensational.  Top 10 Best Action Movies 2022

jennifer connelly tom cruise top gun maverick 1653386259

The story is great, and each high stakes comes across as intended. Some even got a slight chill given that he wasn’t a character associated with the 1986 film. It’s all very neatly put together and honestly came close to giving it a higher rating.  Tom Cruise reprises his role as Maverick and it’s great to see Miles Teller come out and give a top performance. Jennifer Connelly is also positive, but feels her role can’t help but have her love interest. Given the (unexplained) absence of Kelly McGillis. 

Monica Barbaro stands out the most among the fresh faces, but I really enjoyed watching them all.Admittedly Jon Hamm and Glenn Powell are a bit clichéd, but overall I agree. 

Great watch – I highly recommend it, but of course I recommend watching the previous movie first if you haven’t seen it yet.

Jennifer Connelly Top Gun


2.Thor: Love & Thunder Movie

Thor: Love and Thunder introduces Mighty Thor and seeks to explore themes of love and loss while sending Thor on a journey of self-discovery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work as expected because it’s too fast-paced and has too many barely funny jokes. 

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 Chris Hemsworth is still going strong as Thor, but the extreme goofiness has aged a bit.Natalie Portman was never  better than this character and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie even though she doesn’t really get much to do. It’s still great. 

 Taika Waititi far exceeds his welcome this time around as a very frustrating Korg. Christian Bale is one of the better  villains in the MCU, with great motivation and an unsettling presence, but he’s let down by his limited screen time. 

 Takia, on the other hand, has a stronger direction, with some great visuals and a fairly vibrant colour palette, but sadly MCU grays are still present throughout.The CG is  inconsistent from start to finish.

Michael Jacquino’s music  is good, and there are some memorable new themes, but the lack of Thor’s theme bothers me.The soundtrack is really good. All the songs are classics that fit the tone and style well, but some could have done better.

thor love and thunder natalie portman 1

Best Movies 2023 Download

3.Everything Everywhere All At Once Movie

“Be gentle, especially if you don’t know what’s going on.” 

 Those who fight with us in life, if only they can realise they are doing so out of hidden pain and fight them with kindness. If only I could say something supportive…to put aside the myriad other life concepts we would have sent if we were content with our lives now and  had  made different choices along the way. If only we could understand that the flipside of life’s meaninglessness and the ultimate aspect of sucking everything  into the abyss is the freedom that comes from being able to do anything with the time we have. 

eeaao 1

 Like the first word of the title, this movie feels like something. While watching it, I thought it was all about Stephanie Hsu  too, but  so did Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis.Ke Huy Quan to Wong Kar-Wai giving a wise speech ‘s tribute was extraordinary, and the fact that James Hong was still doing it  at  93 was amazing. I also liked how her troubled mother and daughter were comforted by a kind and patient partner, and I liked the character of Tully Medel. 

The movie threatens to derail the first part with his hopping into the insane multiverse, but it’s all  set up for his second part, which is incredibly powerful. With fast-paced action and a wild ride, it was impressive that it was so much fun on the go. Full of fine details and references, it’s worth a repeat read. It’s a great movie, so much fun and so heartfelt.

9786 everythingeverywhere

4.The Northman Movie

This might be an unpopular one, but I guess I have to speak the truth as I found it – which was that I was hoping “The Northman” would be a crazy, wild and brutal Viking adventure – which in some elements it is, but it’s also a lyrical, arthouse-style, loose adaptation of Amleth, that perhaps caught me in the wrong mood to truly appreciate.  

the northman alexander skarsgard image 1

King Aruvandil (Ethan Hawke) is a Viking King, who is murdered by his brother Fjolnir (Claes Bang) who takes his Estate and his Queen Gudrun (Nicole Kidman). Fjolnir fails to kill his son, Amleth (Oscar Novak/Alexander Skarsgard) though, who swears revenge as a child and after years killing and pillaging with an adopted clan, learns that Fjolnir has moved to Iceland. Infiltrating the household as a slave, Amelth joins forces with Olga (Anya Taylor-Joy) another slave in the house and his long-awaited vengeance begins.

  I can see why people liked it. It’s beautiful to look at, shot in convenient locations, and uses CGI where appropriate to enhance  scenes  such as: B. The majestic volcano that towers over Iceland throughout the film and can be seen at the end. The fight scenes are  well done overall, but I don’t necessarily think  they were as harrowing as I’d hoped, or as others  have found.Skarsgard’s acting was great, but honestly By the way, I’m not sure  the rest of the cast (minus Cress Bang) really fit the roles they played… In other ways, they are all my favourite actors, but I  personally felt that they were miscast. 

Again, I really  feel that I could have enjoyed the movie more on another day, or  at home rather than in the cinema, but the time felt longer and the movie more artistic. I didn’t care how long it reached its climax. Imagination. The film I compare to is  Green Night, which has a distinctly different cultural mythology, but is similar in  tone and use of fantasy elements. 

The Northman 936x527 1

 It’s rare to feel that  the problem with a movie you don’t like is with yourself rather than with the movie itself, but Norseman feels like a movie that bisects audiences.

5.RRR Movie

An Indian movie has started showing at a nearby cinema. I don’t feel like sitting at home tonight so I decided to catch this. I was lucky. 

My image of Indian cinema is mostly musical, centered around a love story between a very beautiful young woman and a very handsome young man, with a lot of sophisticated and energetic dance numbers to keep things going. That’s what it was. 

 There’s a love story here, but that’s not the focus of the film.There are also some big, memorable dance numbers, but just a few. (The dance of the very athletic men surprised me.) 

 Rather, the film focuses on the story of his two young men in 1920s India, each fighting the British occupiers in their own way. 

 The British are depicted as inhuman monsters. They were often a reminder of the worst atrocities committed by the Germans in France during World War II, and of the most radical racists in the American South. When I first saw the , a real connection was made between Native Americans and seemingly black American musicians.

xrrr 1648182000.jpg.pagespeed.ic .4a89ebS5fs

You cheer every time the Indians succeed in avenging the British for their inhumane abuses of the Indians – but sometimes I cheer if you’re watching a parallel movie about blacks beating whites. I wondered if I would have raised the , especially if, like tonight, I was in a movie theater where the only audience was unoppressed. Imagine, for example, that Spike Lee could make a movie that didn’t have to worry about selling tickets to whites and blacks. please try. You can see how anti-British colonialist this movie is. That’s the difference between a society where oppressors were a small minority of the population and society here where blacks are a minority of the American population.  The film only makes a connection in one scene. But this is definitely a movie focused on more than just a series of dance numbers, it’s a story of brutally oppressed people seeking freedom from their inhuman oppressors. 

rr 1648440959567 1648440967025

I don’t speak any of the Indian language used in the film, but I had no problem following the action with legible subtitles most of the time. There were cultural references that I didn’t understand. I’m sure. Especially at the end of the big dance number at the end, it seemed to present India as a country of different regions and cultures all rolled into one.  

 The director and cinematographer are definitely commendable. Especially in the battle scenes, there were one after very impressive visual images. Dressed as an ‘indigenous warrior’, Ram Charan was spectacular flying through the flames, if that’s what the term means. 

 If you’ve ever been into Indian movies, give this one a try. Yes, it will take 3 hours, but trust me. This is truly an action movie, a mixture of visual his fantasy and highly graphic his realism that kept me intrigued till the end.

6.RAW (Beast) Movie

Vijay easily earns Rs 30 crore at the box office every year, which may be one of the successes of Master, but overall it’s a disappointment both for fans and for the film. 

 The movie lacks drama, plot, purpose, and a happy ending. 

In the trailer, it was very clear that 70-80% of him in the movie would only be in the Mall setting. Die Hard and Speed ​​did it in a constrained setting, but the film lacked drama and story to keep audiences interested in what was next. 

 The whole movie is irresistible for Aniruda fans and slow-motion lovers.  Cinematography is the best of 2022. I’m really excited to see how the jet plane scene and his CGI fit together. 

beast61 1

It’s very similar to the scene in Iron Man. 

 I went to the first show in the morning. I paid 4 times. I took the day off from work. I went home disappointed, confident that this would work. 

 Also, a few things should be mentioned. The aerial footage of East Coast Mall was terrible (probably shot with a low-end drone and barely colour corrected/adjusted). Or ISS if you are afraid to take the name. 

poojahegde12042022m 1

The chemistry between the two lines was meaningless. The villain was barely accustomed to his potential and was always masked as if giving him very little shooting date. 

The mask was also an unforgettable joke. 


Skating Fight had bad choreography and bad casting. Altaf was bad, Umar was a joke, and comedians were used everywhere and always. 

Highlight Jet CGI POK Scenes Songs BGM & Vijay Performance.

7.Vikram Movie Download

Vikram is one of the most interesting and exciting movies for everyone due to its heavy star cast. After Chapter 2 of Pushpa, RRR, and KGF, Vikram is released and roars. This movie is a full commercial Paisa Wasur movie. 

The first half of the movie is great. In my opinion Fahadh Faasil is the best young actor today. he did a great job. Vijay Setuppathy is a gem of an actor. I loved his appearance here. No other actor can portray this opening scene quite like him. Other star casts are also very  suitable and provide excellent support. The first half belongs to FaFa and Vijay. 

Vikram Thamanna 1 1

 The second half will be a treat for Kamal Haasan fans. Ulaga Nayagan-Kamal Haasan is very good in the post-interval part. You’ll be amazed at how he keeps firing his huge machine gun. This scene is  another dimension. However, I find the first half to be great and the second half to be a bit long. I think there are some surprises in the second half, but there are also some mistakes. But only slightly. As if you don’t know the scene where the child comes back to life. 

 Of particular note is the actress who plays the role of the maid. she is outstanding. 

59635021 1

 Lokesh’s direction is gradually improving. This film is considered his best directorial work. He did a good job without getting bogged down in the idea of ​​slow motion, which many, including myself, disliked and which was too much for KGF. Although this film is different from his RRR and his KGF, it can be compared to Pushpa. Because Part 2 is also here. People will love Surya as the villain in the second part. It was great just to get a glimpse of him at the end. 

 Anirudhha has done a great job  again. He has the theme music running through my head as he writes this. Aniruddha offers great music with catchy tunes. 

 All in all, a must-see movie. This is what  a good South Indian commercial film looks like. A good movie with good actors.

8.Attack Movie Download 1filmy4wap

As promised, Attack  stands out as a movie that is very different  from other Bollywood action movies with the  introduction of the AI-assisted Super Cop concept. 

The film is fast-paced and to the point without spending a lot of time on John’s romance or anything like that. Some really cool action movies, fun conversations between John and Ira, his AI assistant (like Jarvis in Iron Man), and an equally good climax make this movie excellent entertainment. on his watch. 


 The VFX work and action scenes are great (although there is one thing he felt like the VFX was turned off, which I will discuss on the negative side). 


Minus – 1 Jacq and Rakul Preet! This ambitious project just can’t put these subpar actresses in the film because there are better actresses out there. 2. The romantic angle between John and Jack is crooked. 3. Rakul Preet’s intro scene is hilariously bad. She looked like  RJ or something, not a scientist. 4. Spend some money on plane VFX just in case! Bollywood doesn’t seem to do a good job of plane VFX, whether it’s the plane in the climax or the place we saw in Bell Bottom! 

 Overall this is a good watch. Support these kinds of movies and Bollywood will soon be able to release better projects  instead of the old ones we’re sick of.Don’t listen to the critics. They only know how to find fault and they won’t single you out even though they know India is doing things it’s never done before and won’t  be perfect on the  first try .

9.Dhaakad Movie

In the middle of the action piece, Kangana Ranaut’s character Special Agent Agni says “Jism se ruh alag karna business hai mera.” She is  a fearless worker for the International Task Force, a fictional organisation of the Government of India. Your mission is to crush the  international human trafficking whip rooted in the coal mines of central India. Your job is to find and eliminate information and people involved. Ultimately, however, she has a personal score to settle with  the king of this racket, Rudravir, who operates out of a coal mine in central India. It’s refreshing to see Kangana Ranaut play this ferocious officer who doesn’t care too much about protocol. Scenes of hand-to-hand combat and scenes of holding weapons are also elaborate. They showcase her in her avatar in raw action, which is rare in our films. Her agility, strength, and her dedication to packaging her characters in ways that make them look believable are so obvious and commendable.

Divya Dutta proves why she can be trusted in any  role. She does a great job of highlighting the written material and provides a  solid support for the narrative. Arjun Rampal in Menacing Avatar. His efforts to make his characters look  like villains are evident.

Dhaakad Teaser Dhaakad teaser released Kangana Ranaut was seen

 In the technical category, action choreography and cinematography (Tetsuo Nagata) received the highest marks. Without these two wonderful marriage elements, this action movie wouldn’t be as brilliant as it is today. It’s cool to see  mainstream movies use black and white to show flashbacks – it’s an obvious one, but it’s a nice little touch at the editing table. 

 But on the other hand, the film lacks the glue that holds it all  together. A good action set alone doesn’t make an action movie. The movie could have been written better. It lacked a solid plot and a more thoughtful script to justify the action set and  characters that went into the world created here. 

Despite having some big names in the credits, the final result of the film is disappointing. Dhaakad is about 2 hours and 10 minutes long, but the run feels much longer. Still, in a sort of dichotomy, I feel the need to know or  understand how the plot connects from point A to point B, aside from the lullaby and the backstory that repeats three times. Arjun Rampal’s character could have been made better and should have done better. While the actor brings a lot of style and charisma to his evil avatar (with platinum blonde looks) and goes to great lengths to perform menacing acts with conviction, his character has It needed more meat.It also needed more conversation time between Agni and Rudraveer for the story to gain traction. 

kangana ranaut 4 2 1

The director tries  hard to push the boundaries with his female-led action film, but it never wanders into romantic interludes and is ultimately far from the finish line. As the co-writer of the film I had, I could have really improved the film by paying more attention to story details. It’s also a big pinch that actors like Shalib Hashmi and Saswata Chatterjee are underutilised in smaller roles. Overall, along with good action and graphics, if the story could beat it, it would have been great.

10.Anek Movie

Anubhav Sinha’s Anek is the fascinating story of efforts to negotiate a peace deal with a separatist group in northeastern India. Undercover agent Aman (Ayushman Khurana), who goes by the alias of Joshua, is tasked with creating conditions that will bring Tiger Sangha (Roytombam Drendra), the region’s top rebel leader, to the negotiating table. I’m here. Along the way, Aman finds that things aren’t as black and white as he first thought, and finds himself in an emotionally and professionally conflicted situation. 

Sprinkled with dialogue throughout the story, Anek confronts the undercurrent of discrimination and alienation from “mainland” India that exists in various parts of the Northeast. It’s uncomfortable at times, but that’s the intent of the narration. Anubhav Sinha does not use thick Seeti Maar lines or blatant chauvinism. What works here is  the delicacy of dialogue and performance, and the nuanced writing that brings out the gray essence  that Anubaf Sinha wanted to portray in the film. 

mcms 1

 Throughout its run, Anek draws subtle parallels between the Northeast and other parts of the country, particularly Jammu and Kashmir. For example, Abrar Bhatt, Aman’s boss and Kashmiri man Manoj Paawa’s character,  looks out of the plane’s window during a flight to the northeast. Looking at his breathtaking view, he said, “Agar Firdaus Barlow Ezamin Ast, Hameen Ast-Oa Meen Ast-Oa Meen Ast.” This is Kusulo’s famous phrase to describe the picturesque beauty of Kashmir. Through the window of this plane, the director offers  a glimpse of the outer beauty and inner turmoil of both regions. 

Andrea Kevichusa6 1 1

The movie is compelling, but he could have cut the run time by  5-10 minutes. It’s a little slower before the interval, relatively faster after the interval, and there’s a lot crammed into that period of time. 

 Featuring strong performances from Ayushmann Khurrana, Manoj Pahwa, Andrea Kevichüsa, Kumud Mishra, Loitongbam Dorendra, and JD Chakraverti, the film leaves audiences with many disturbing questions. The use of silence, local dialects, folk songs, background music, production design,  visual tone, cinematography, and action pieces fit the narrative well. Anubhav Sinha continues to act as a sort of guardian of conscience, making a series of films that make us think about equality and justice in the context of religion, caste, gender and the current local context.

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