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Black widow is a fictional movie based on Marvel comics which was released on 7th July, 2021. It is the 24th movie in the Marvel cinematic universe, MCU.

Black Widow

Release date

7th July, 2021

Running time

134 minutes



Story by

Jac Schaeffer,Ned Benson

Based on

Marvel Comics

Produced by

Kevin Feige


Scarlett Johansson,Florence Pugh,David Harbour,O. T. Fagbenle,Olga Kurylenko,William Hurt,Ray Winstone,Rachel Weisz


Gabriel Beristain

Edited by

Leigh Folsom Boyd,Matthew Schmidt

Music by

Lorne Balfe

Production Company

Marvel Studios

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Movie story:

The amazing mysterious action movie Black Widow begins with a great story of two sisters playing on the ground. One is Natasha Romanoff and the other is yelena. They were born in Stalingrad, Russian SFSR, VSSR.

We can see in the movie that when both the sisters were playing in the ground Yelena falls down accidentally and gets hurt her leg. We can see that their mom Melina vostokoff comes and make her understand that your pain will make you stronger one day, don’t worry. Natasha feels that her younger sister gets more attention, care and love.
Natasha is one of the most smart, intelligent spices in the entire world. Both the sisters Natasha and Yelena are trainers killer. When they are child, they were sent to red room for training to become trained killer.
At their early ages, somehow their family had to shift to other place. And they had to ran away from their home. Their occurs a horrible fight against their enemies but they could able to win the battle. But Melina got injured by the gun shoot.
Alexei, the father of Natasha and Yelena is the Red guardian of Russia who was equivalent to the Captain America the way he is for American.
When both of them Natasha and Yelena are at their age of adulthood they become master trained killer. In a movie scene we get to see that, one day Natasha was supposed to be caught by polices but she defends herself by some tricks to be get arrested although she is a very intelligent woman. But then her sister Yelena also faces trouble other side by some Black widows who are already working under Dreykov. Here she goes to know about some synthetic gases by which one becomes out of control to to control himself completely. Then she tries her best to take all the synthetic gases at their right place for proper uses.
Natasha faces an accident which was planned by Task Master. There she finds the Task master is doing same steps exactly like her. She somehow protects the synthetic gas tube from Task master by her great fighting skills.
Both the sisters are great trained killer now. Then they meet and plans to fail the control of black widows from Dreykov by these tubes. They are attacked by some more black widows there and they try to ran away.

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The Super soldier Alexei remains in the jail and he does hand wrestling there in the jail for fun. One day he receives a parcel which was sent by his daughter Natasha and there was a transmitter inside the parcel to contact with her. He can hear Natasha by this transmission and by her instructions he succeeded to ran away from the jail. Natasha and Yelena come with a helicopter to save their father and take him home. Then they arrives to Melina’s place. Alexei tells them how he got fooled by his own friend Dreykov and had to go to jail.
There happens something mysterious which is unexpected and unbelievable that they two sisters including their father get surrounded by enemies but it was actually by Melina itself. Natasha meets Dreykov and there happens fight between them. She gets to many things there about Dreykov and his power how he controls all the black widows all over the world by an operating system. Though Natasha is always a smart and intelligent folk she brings all the back widows in a normalized state along with her sister Yelena using synthetic gas tubes. They use all their skills and Power to win the battle.

How To Download Black Widow Movie, 2021:

Black widow is available at telegram and also some links. One can download this movie without any hesitation and it will worth it.

Warning :

Downloading and watching movies form pirated sites is a crime so one should be very careful while downloading from such pirated sites. Also, it is harmful to our device.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Hawkeye in this film?


  2. Who is the villain?

    Ans:Task master is the villain in this film.

  3. Is the winter soldier in the black widow?

    Ans:Yes winter soldier is there in black widow movie

  4. Is black widow movie a prequel?

    Ans:Yes, it is.

  5. How can I watch back widow movie?

    Ans:It is available in Disney+.

  6. How do jasper & Horace become Cruella’s henchman again?

    Ans:They were true friend and only trustworthy friends of cruella. When she tells about her truth to them, they become more generous and as always they became henchmen again.

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