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Cruella is an American crime movie released on 18th May, 2021 at Disney+. It’s a film based on the novel that is ‘ The hundred and one Dalmatians’ where main character was cruella devil like here in the movie cruella. Cruella movie is directed by Craig Gillespie.


Release date

18th May, 2021

Running time

134 minutes

Directed by

Craig Gillespie

Screenplay by

Dana Fox and Tony McNamara

Story by

Aline Brosh McKenna, Kelly Marcel and Steve Zissis.

Music by

Nicholas Britell,Cinematography,Nicolas Karakatsanis


Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste,Mark Strong

Edited by

Tatiana S. Riegel


Walt Disney Pictures,Marc Platt Productions,Gunn Films

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion

Cruella movie story & review

Cruella is a crime comedy movie of Hollywood where Emma Stone leading the main role. Cruella is a fictional character does a mesmerizing job which is a mission of revenge of her mother’s death.

Apparently, cruella is girl named Estella who is a very creative, unique and smart girl from her childhood. She has unique hair of multi color by birth and for that she was avoided by people at everywhere. But she keeps eyes on styling at her infancy and wanted to become a fashion designer.

Although she was very cruel since her childhood and for that her mom Catherine took her to London for further studies. One-day Catherine goes to a annual program of her friend’s villa along with her daughter. Unfortunately and accidentally here the innocent unique girl Estella has to go through a trauma of her mother’s shocking death. She used to blaming herself for her mother’s death. But she somehow runs from there to live her own life though she is now a sassy orphan. She finds Jasper and horrace, just like her they two are orphan too. They start a new life together in a building where they do scamming.


When she strikes her teenage she feels that she always wants to be a famous fashion designer and she tells her dream to her buddies. They give her a job at a big department store where she does cleaning job. One-day she becomes so messy, grimy and drunk, she redesigned the main statue of the store by her own choice. The owner gets so snufft at her and he calls the police. But the most famous fashion designer Baroness Ven Hellman gets impressed by her work and appoint her in a job.

Estrella works anything here under Baroness and she is so happy now as she is accomplished her Dream job. By the time, one-day Estella sees her necklace oscillating on Baroness’ neck. Baroness tells her that once upon a time this necklace was robbed by one of her employees. Estella feels so disheartened as Baroness calls her mom thief. She shares her emotions to her buddies and starts digging out everything about baroness and wants to get back the necklace. Somehow she finds that Baroness was the killer of her mother Catherine. From there she starts a new plan along with her buddies to take revenge on her mother’s death.
In this battle of taking revenge there happened many cruel things between Estrella and baroness and Baroness wants to burn her. Somehow she is alive with the help of Baroness’ assistant John. Here E Stella’s life changes completely when she gets to know that she is actually the daughter of Baroness. Though Baroness is a completely self-obsessed lady she wanted to kill her child but then someone Catherine became Estella’s mother.

Estella loves her mom Catherine so much and for that she doesn’t stop here for taking revenge. Estella goes to Catherine and tells her that she is the daughter of Baroness. Baroness apologies to Estella that is cruella and hugs her. It seems like everything becomes alright but no, Baroness is self-obsessed lady and she will never accept anything beyond her thought.

She fells Estella down from the cliff and Though Estella is a smarty she already called police in the Baroness’ house. And baroness was caught by police. Here we can see that Estella is dead. Estella is dead but cruella is not. When she was fall down from the cliff she opens her parachute and live the life as cruella.

How to download Cruella movie :

You can watch the movie online on Disney. Also there is many sites available like and many telegram channels which offers you to watch any movies online and you can also download it to watch anywhere anytime offline.


You have to be careful when downloading any movie from pirated sites as it is a crime. Now a days movie leakage is as usual but it’s a huge loss for movie makers. Anyone who does such crime may have to circumgyrate around jail for 3 years.

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