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A crime thriller based movie Dial 100 is released on 6th August, 2021. It is a hindi language movie directed by Rensil D’Silva and produced by Sony Pictures Film India, Siddharth P. Malhotra and Sapna Malhotra. Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta and Sakshi Tanwar are leading the main roles in the movie. Dial 100 is premiered on ZEE5.

Dial 100

Release date

6 August 2021

Running time

104 minutes

Directed by

Rensil D’Silva

Written by

Rensil D’Silva

Screenplay by

Rensil D’Silva

Produced by

Sony Pictures Films India,Siddharth P.Malhotra,Sapna Malhotra


Manoj Bajpayee,Neena Gupta,Sakshi Tanwar


Anuj Rakesh Dhawan

Edited by

Asif Ali Shaikh

Music by

Raju Singh

Production companies

Sony Pictures Films India,Alchemy Films

Distributed by


Dial 100 Movie Story and review :

Inspector Akil was doing night shift job when his wife Prerna called him for asking and telling about their son Dhrove. Unfortunately, a call comes from a broken lady by dialing 100. She is crying over phone and telling to a cop that she is suppose to commit suicide because of her son Amar’s death, who died by a car accident almost a month ago. This call has been transferred to Inspector Akil by his colleague. He is listening the lady very carefully as she is drunk, also she seems like driving a car by herself. Akil tells her to stop the car and explain her problem, but she already cuts the call. And then again Akil starts arguing with his wife due to their son’s issue because being a son of a respected police officer Dhrove was doing drug dealing. And for that her mom used to beat her, but Akil tells her not to beat him as he is now above 18.

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Akil gets surprised when he knows that Amar’s mother already knows his name. She then utters that yes she already knows him. The story is all about revenge, crime and murder. A mother almost lost her mind for her son’s death. She is now planning something big to take revenge for her son’s death. A crime thriller based story, earlier we had no idea who was the killer and the reason behind Amar’s death. Surprisingly, Amar’s mother Sima meets Prerna at her home and kidnaps her. And the reason why she wants to take revenge, the biggest question is what’s the matter with Dhrove’s mother, Dhrove and inspector Akil. Why she again again calls Mr.Akil and kidnapped his wife.

Dhrove was involved in a drug dealing circulation. He sold some drugs to a person named Yash Mehra and for that Mehra killed Amar. When Amar’s parents filed a case against Mehra and that time Mehra got bailed because of Dhrove’s untruth statement. As Sima has started her mission, she is not ready to stop the game here. She warns Akil if he doesn’t do the things according to her command she is going to kill Prerna. But as Akil is a police inspector he does everything to save his family making a great plan. But unfortunately he couldn’t. Sima was totally mad to take revenge of her son’s death. She was unsighted to almost everything in the madness of taking revenge. She shot Dhrove and Yash. Lucky Yash is alive but Dhrove is not. Finially she won to take revenge and Akil and Sima lost their son.

How To Download Dial 100 Movie :

Anyone can download this movie from any sites like filmyzilla.com and many more. Also there are some telegram channels available which provide us to watch movie online for free of cost and even we can download them from the channel for enjoying it our free time.

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Warning :

We should be very careful while downloading movies from any pirated sites cause now a days it’s an issue with film industry that they will lose huge amount of money for that. People downloads movie for free but it effects lead to great loss of filmmakers and for that any person who is doing pirated business and leaking the movie to social media out of owner’s consent is misdoing.

Public Opinion :

Although this is a crime thriller film, so it as usual murder case will be there, but inspector Akil will lose his son was unexpected. The way Amar’s mother Sima was determined to take revenge for her son Amar’s death was scary. Mr Akil aka manoj Bajpayee was leading the inspector role magnificently.

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