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The most recent social comedy from Ayushmann Khurrana, about a male doctor, is both cringeworthy and endearing, making it a perplexing but entertaining muddle that simultaneously irritates and moves you.

Doctor G
Directed byAnubhuti Kashyap
Written by
Sumit Saxena
Screenplay bySumit Saxena
Saurabh Bharat
Vishal Wagh
Anubhuti Kashyap
Story bySourabh Bharat
Vishal Wagh
Produced byJunglee Pictures
StarringAyushmann Khurrana
Rakul Preet Singh
Shefali Shah
CinematographyEeshit Narain
Edited byPrerna Saigal
Music byScore:
Ketan Sodha
Amit Trivedi
Sultan Sulemani
Amjad Nadeem Aamir
Production companyJunglee Pictures
Distributed byAnand Pandit Motion Pictures
Viacom18 Studios
Release date14 October 2022
Running time124 minutes
Budget₹15 crore

Doctor G Movie Review and Story:

Two movies combine to become Doctor G. The movie’s first half is a depressing cringefest, full of poor jokes that make no one laugh, clichéd characters, and a lousy, cheesy background score that is utterly inappropriate for the twenty-first century.

After the intermission, there comes a section that seems to be a completely different movie. There are multiple instances in this one that will make you feel a lump in your throat. The Ayushmann Khurrana formula is taken to its absolute limit in this coming-of-age story. However, despite the film’s unsettling elements, it is still enjoyable (in large part) because of Ayushmann and Shefali Shah’s performances.

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The movie Doctor G fits Ayushmann Khurrana’s style. It centres on a man from a tiny village who finds himself in an odd circumstance. He gradually comes to realise that there is more to life than what other people think, and with the support of his family and friends, he gets over his hesitations and learns to accept his shortcomings. I just gave the Doctor G storyline. Or is it the storyline from Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, Vicky Donor, or Badhaai Ho? You see what I mean. Gynaecology is the taboo topic here, and Ayushmann is the lone male physician at this ostensibly all-female medical college in Bhopal.

The movie makes it quite evident that the protagonist is sexist. Even if it doesn’t want you to like Dr. Uday Gupta, it does want you to be able to relate to him given the middle-class, small-town, patriarchal environment you have been exposed to. He is therefore not likeable but undoubtedly relatable. Ayushmann handles the rest. He finds it too simple to put himself in someone else’s shoes these days, but unhappily, it has become monotonous. When the same template is offered each year with a different garnish, it lacks freshness.

And the movie had a horrible start. The social comedy doesn’t quite get the funny part. By this point, the jokes about male or female anatomy and imitating childbirth on a man are fairly twee and worn out. You start to question whether there is a purpose to all of this throughout the cringe-inducing first hour of the movie. When Shefali Shah arrives on television, that cringefest is abruptly put to an end. She is every bit as terrifying and endearing as we may hope Dr. Nandini, chief of the gynaecology department, to be. I only wished there had been more of her and less of whatever the writers were trying to pass off as comedy.

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As Uday reluctantly enrols in his college and is taunted by all of his seniors there, the movie presents a multitude of characters. The majority of those personalities then vanish, never to be heard from again. It’s an editing error that renders multiple scenes irrelevant and makes it difficult to follow along. Ayushmann sails through in the midst of this, even though he too appears to be becoming weary of what the screenplay has to give. Rakul Preet Singh is competent in her role as Dr. Fatima, his senior (and potential love interest), but she contributes little to the narrative aside from a few potent passages where she shows Uday the mirror. But many of these moments are ruined by the ostentatious and overly clever dialogue.

But after the intermission ends, a completely different movie starts. You can excuse yourself if you think you might have entered the wrong theatre. Even while it does become theatrical in its end, Doctor G is sensitive, emotive, heartwarming, and rarely skips a beat after the intermission. However, it still avoids being preachy, which is a major accomplishment for a movie dealing with subjects like gender inequality and medical ethics. In the second half, the same writing that restrains Doctor G in the first half frees it. Strangely enough, I have no issues about the improvement.

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Screenshot 688

Although Ayushmann Khurrana is affable, he should be aware that the trope and formula are now becoming stale. Before it’s too late, he needs to remake himself. Rakul Preet has a very small role in the movie, which is unfortunate because she always comes across as sincere and endearing in her parts. Shefali Shah is undoubtedly the star. It is something I’ve said before and will say again. She is currently in excellent shape and is unquestionably among the best actors in the nation.Again demonstrating her ability to smoothly combine authority and tenderness, she does so here. Ayesha Kaduskar, who plays a teenage girl in love with a much older married guy, was the movie’s surprise present for me. It is amazing how she has handled the demanding and fleeting role with such maturity and grace.

The movie Doctor G could have been a lot better. However, when one considers the first half, one realises that it could have been a lot worse. In the end, it will appeal to viewers as a mediocre coming-of-age social drama. While trying to provide clean humour, it succeeds to avoid being preachy. However, there are some cringe-worthy moments. The actors, who give a stale script new vitality, are what save it. Go watch it, if nothing else, for them!


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Doctor G Popular Songs :

1.Dil Dhak Dhak Karta HaiSingers: Raj Barman, Sakshi Holkar
2.Har Jagah TuSingers: Raj Barman
3.Ek BoondSingers: Madhubanti Bagchi, Abhay Jodhpurkar
4.Har Jagah Tu – Female VersionSingers: Palak Muchhal
5.Idiot AashawadiSingers: Anand Bhaskar, Romy
6.NewtonSingers: Altamash Faridi
7.O Sweetie SweetieSingers: Ayushmann Khurrana
8.Step CopySingers: Amit Trivedi, Sharvi Yadav


  1. How did Ayushman Khurana’s Doctor G movie save Bollywood?

    In contrast to the majority of the typical Bollywood films, Ayshman Khurana’s most recent film, Doctor G, tackles a new sensational subject and helps to keep the general public’s belief that Bollywood still has some hidden gems who produce films like Doctor G that actually show some meaningful content.

  2. Is the Doctor G (2022) movie far from reality?

    The subject of this film, which is extremely delicate and taboo in Indian culture, means that Doctor G is not too far off from reality. The film attempts to make the delicate subject understandable and humorous.

  3. In Bollywood movies, what does it mean medically when the doctor says ‘we can save either the mother or the child’?

    The phrase “We can either save the mother or the child” simply indicates that the situation is critical and that only the treatment will save either mother or the child.

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