Everything Everywhere All At Once Movie 2022: If Insanity Was An Insanely Beautiful Film

Everything Everywhere All At Once: Evelyn (Michelle), a Chinese immigrant who runs a laundry with her family, is living a life of crushed hopes until she realises one day that her existence is for the greater good and to protect this maddening multiverse from a supervillain. But even the bad guy is close to home, so our own Super Woman now has to battle evil while also defending the world.

Everything Everywhere All At Once
Directed byDaniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Written byDaniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Produced byJoe Russo
Anthony Russo
Mike Larocca
Daniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Jonathan Wang
StarringMichelle Yeoh
Stephanie Hsu
Ke Huy Quan
Jenny Slate
Harry Shum Jr.
James Hong
Jamie Lee Curtis
CinematographyLarkin Seiple
Edited byPaul Rogers
Music bySon Lux
IAC Films
Gozie AGBO
Year of the Rat
Ley Line Entertainment

Everything Everywhere all at once review Movie Story and Review:

Though the sci-fi plot and concept of a multiverse draw in viewers, it is the story’s focus on love, hope, and acceptance that captivates us and keeps us glued to the screen.

If you had the chance to peek into all your different lives in the multiverse, which one would you choose?

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According to the theory of Everything Everywhere All At Once, it won’t really matter whatever option you pick in the end. Although this is the message that the Daniels brothers, who also serve as the film’s directors, intend to convey, getting there was anything but a straightforward process.

The Chinese immigrant Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh), her husband Waymond Wang (Ke Huy Quan), and their daughter Joy Wang are all featured in the A24 production (Stephanie Hsu).

What initially appears to be yet another story about immigrants in America running a small business—in this case, a laundromat—filing their taxes, and debating the sexuality of their daughter, gives way to a conglomeration of alternate realities that intersperse with the one we’ve been shown since the beginning of the film. The film offers us quite a variety, making us doubt the whole idea of reality, from cult leaders and movie actors to Kung Fu masters and chefs.

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Separated into three sections with the names Everything, Everywhere, and All At Once, runs the risk of overloading the spectator by exposing them to a variety of realities over the course of more than two hours. The movie exposes the concerns that lurk in the cracks of our own life decisions by delving into the numerous what-ifs that bother Evelyn’s mind. This is shown when one of the Waymonds informs Evelyn that each decision we make generates a new universe. 

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The movie expertly deals with the universal experience of being a human while dispelling Evelyn’s concerns and raising philosophical issues, and Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang becomes the face of this experience.

The soundtrack and the film’s pacing work together to prevent the viewer’s eyes from leaving the screen. Even if there may be times when we wish Evelyn would return to her laundromat, the concept’s blatant absurdity undoubtedly helps. We eventually realise that there is a method to this madness. Even with its sensory assault, the movie leaves room for you to explore, extrapolate, and theorise while putting out the puzzle pieces for you to put together at your own pace.

Symbols like the “Everything Bagel,” which resembles a black hole, and Mr. Wang’s googly eyes—the latter of which at first seems trivial—make a spectacular remark on the yin and yang energies in the cosmos. These symbols are used to convey a variety of ideas, and dissecting them will make the audience smile long after the film has ended.

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The heart of the story, which is focused on love, hope, and acceptance, is what keeps us glued to the screen even though the concept of a multiverse and the science fiction plot draw us in. As an illustration, Evelyn is saved from the clutches of death when her husband begs her to always choose love and hope when she is battling the henchmen of a significant figure in the multiverse.

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While it is tough to talk about the heart of the picture without giving away any more spoilers, the major lesson is that this genre and the mind-bending film are full of soul. Could this message have been relayed with fewer universes?

Perhaps, but then you wouldn’t have seen Jobu Tupaki’s colourful outfits, people using hotdogs as utensils, and even a raccoon teaching a cook. Do you sense a Racocoonie spin-off as well?

One can only imagine what it would be like to eat an everything bagel, but one can get as near as watching Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Public Opinion IMDb :

Bizarre, complex, emotional, hilarious, action-packed, Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is frankly one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Admittedly it’s not for everyone, but it’s an amazing two hour rollercoaster that after throwing you loop after loop somehow manages to come back around and leave you with a lesson that hits pretty close to home. Give it a watch, if anything it’s certainly a memorable movie. Everything Everywhere All at Once Hollywood Reporter


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Is “Everything Everywhere All At Once” on Netflix ?

With neither Hulu, Netflix, nor HBO Max having Everything Everywhere All At Once, that leaves only one major streaming platform left standing—Amazon Prime Video.

What does the bagel mean in “ Everything Everywhere All At Once”?

The Everything Bagel is the pinnacle of Jobu Tupaki’s nihilism in Everything Everywhere All at Once. She comes to believe that nothing really matters, much like characters from Rick and Morty who travel to other universes, including Rick Sanchez.

What is the philosophy of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” ?

It is meaningless because it signifies everything. Whatever decision is made—leaving home, staying with your husband, or eating hot dogs for fingers—doesn’t matter. All choices have an endless number of outcomes, making them ultimately useless.

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