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A 2021 Hindi Comedy genre film Hungama2 which was released on 23rd july,2021. A movie we supposed to have a lot of fun watching it through online. This romantic comedy film is directed by Priyadharshan and produced by Ratan Jain and Chetan jain. It is based on a Malayalam film Minnaram which was released on 1994.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

Release date

23 July 2021

Running time

156 minutes

Directed by


Written by

Anukalp Goswami,Manisha Korde

Screenplay by

Yunus Sajawal

Story by


Produced by

Bhaumik Gondaliya,Ratan Jain,Ganesh Jain,Chetan Jain,Armaan Ventures


Paresh Rawal,Shilpa Shetty,Meezaan Jaffrey,Pranitha Subhash

Edited by

M.S. Aiyyappan Nair

Distributed by

Disney+ Hotstar

Production company

Venus Worldwide Entertainment

Hungama 2 Movie Story and review :

Although the movie is based on a comedy drama but all we can see is that full of confusion and twist. We had imagined many more than that when we saw the movie poster. The very first thing came into our mind that Hungama2 will be a part 2 of hungama and will be a lot of fun. But there is nothing like that in the movie.
We get to see a lot of beautiful locations and the videography is also amazing. The dressing, styling and the interior designs where they played their roles was outstanding. Everything is just fine in the movie except the genre which they named. We miss the actual comedy here in the movie. We supposed to have a lot of laughter but there is not even a single scene where we can laugh out. Yes, comedy is there a bit but nothing tremendous to worthy of being remembered. A story of Kapoor family where Retired colonel Gobind Kapoor has two sons, he is too much concernedabout his family. Kapoor is trying to settle down his elder son Aman in US in his business. But Aman is not only an incapable of doing such a business but a looser and swindler too.
His younger son Akash is doing well and almost ready to get engaged. But who knows Akash’s life will be such troublesome and miserable when a lady named Vaani comes into his life claiming to be her daughter’s birth-giver who was born out of wedlock according to her. But truth is something else we will see in the ending of the movie.
Though Akash and Vaani loved each other during their college days but they haven’t met since long according to Akash. He denies all the allegations made by Vaani. Being a respectful older Colonel Kapoor tries to postponed his son’s engagement ceremony and he allows Vaani to stay in his house with honor. Being a great human being when he knows everything about his elder son’s misdemeanor he gets fired on him and even he affirms his younger son to be good with Vaani in the house.

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On the other side, a breathtaking role played by our favourite fitness freak bollywood beauty queen Shilpa Shetty Kundra as Anjali. She is looking beautiful and gorgeous as always in this role. The beautiful Anjali lives with her suspicious partner ( husband) Radheshyam Tiwari and the role is played by our favourite comedy king Paresh Rawal.
Anjali being a family friend of kapoor’s is involved in almost every discussion related to their family. When Akash tries to sort out the earlier problem regarding Vaani’s issue with the help of Anjali there happens a twist in Tiwari’s mind. Tiwari suspects his wife Anjali having a secret affair with Akash and Anjali being pregnant from Akash.
In the ending of the movie, we will see that the little kid is not a daughter of Akash but it’s a daughter of Aman. Finally, Akash was able to bring out the truth from Vaani.

How To Download Hungama2 Movie :

One can watch it on Disney+ . Also, it is available to watch and download for free in the telegram channels and even in some famous sites. Download the movie today and watch it for free and enjoy the movie.

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Warning :

Downloading and watching any movie from a pirated site is a big crime. One should be very careful while downloading. If you watch it for free from pirated site then it will be a huge loss to filmmakers and for that it is a ciber crime to watch anything for free of cost.

Public Opinion :

We will watch a lot about Indian culture in the movie though today it’s a modern world. It is good to see that there are still some elders who are trying their best to keep alive mythological norms. Govind kapoor is always careful for his family value and trying not to break any rules.

We can’t see these things in today’s movie these days. We see exactly the opposite of what is there in hungama2 movie. I personally feel so grateful to have a movie like this in today’s world. The basic story of the movie is excellent but there is something missing is that a lot of mismatch and exaggeration we got to see in the movie.

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  1. What is the release date of hungama2 movie?

    23rd july,2021.

  2. On which OTT platform hungama 2 is releasing?

    On Disney+ Hotstar.

  3. What is the cast of hungama2?

    Paresh rawal, Shilpa Shettyb, Meezan Jafri, Pranitha.

  4. What are the starcasts of hungama2 movie?

    Shilpa as Anjali,Paresh Rawal as Radheshyam tiwari,Meezan as Akash
    Pranitha as Vaani.

  5. Who is the director of hungama2 movie?


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