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Directed by : Anu Menon
Written by : Anu Menon, Girvani Dhyani, Advaita Kala, Priya Venkataraman
Produced by : Vikram Malhotra
Starring : Vidya Balan, Ram Kapoor, Rahul Bose, Dipannita Sharma, Shashank Arora, Shahana Goswami, Neeraj Kabi, Amrita Puri, Danesh Razvi
Cinematography : Andreas Neo
Edited by : Adam Moss
Music by : Mickey McCleary
Production companies : Abundantia Entertainment, Amazon Prime Video
Distributed by : Pen Marudhar Entertainment
Release date : 7 July 2023
Country : India
Language :Hindi

Neeyat Movie Story And Review :

“Neeyat” is an eagerly anticipated film directed by the talented filmmaker Vikram Malhotra and produced by Abundantia Entertainments. The movie boasts a star-studded cast, featuring popular actors Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan in leading roles. The film’s announcement took place during a prestigious event organized by a renowned OTT streaming platform in Mumbai on April 28, 2022.

This collaboration between Abundantia Entertainments and the streaming platform marks a continued partnership, following their successful ventures together, such as “Shakuntala Devi,” “Durgavati,” “Sherni,” “Chhorii,” and several captivating series like “Breathe” and “Jalsa.” The excitement surrounding “Neeyat” grew as production kicked off on May 10, 2022, in the picturesque locations of the United Kingdom.

Initial plans were for a straight OTT release, but more current information suggests that “Neeyat” will now be seen in theatres during the first week of July 2023. With the publication of the official trailer, which provides a tantalising insight into the film’s interesting plot and the outstanding performances of the skilled ensemble, the audience’s curiosity reached new heights.

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Neeyat Movie Story:

Step into the world of “Neeyat,” a gripping tale where an exiled businessman’s birthday party turns into a chilling sequence of events. As the festivities unfold, the guests find themselves confronted with a series of shocking murders, casting a dark shadow over the celebration. With the weight of the investigation on her shoulders, the skilled detective Mira Rao embarks on a quest to uncover the hidden motives behind these gruesome acts.

The narrative of “Neeyat” takes audiences on a thrilling journey, exploring the intricate backstory that led to the fateful night. Each victim’s personal history and their connections to the exiled businessman are meticulously examined, unveiling a complex web of relationships, buried secrets, and long-standing conflicts. As Detective Mira Rao tenaciously pursues the truth, viewers will be immersed in a captivating tale of suspense and intrigue.

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The film urges you to engage in the theatrical experience so that you may fully immerse yourself in the thrilling world of “Neeyat” and witness the resolution of this compelling murder mystery. Prepare to be mesmerised by a cinematic trip that will hold your attention, keep you guessing, and keep you on the tip of your seat until the big revelation.

Neeyat Movie Makers :

“Neeyat” is an exciting project directed by the talented filmmaker Anu Menon, known for her exceptional work on films like “London, Paris, New York,” “X: Past Is Present,” “Waiting,” and “Shakuntala Devi.” The collaboration between the lead actor and director duo began with “Shakuntala Devi” and continues with their forthcoming film, “Neeyat.”

Anu Menon, along with Advaita Kala and Girvani Dhyani, has intricately crafted the film’s captivating story. The screenplay is a result of the combined efforts of Menon, Priya Venkataraman, Kala, and Dhyani, ensuring a well-rounded narrative. Kausar Munir’s dialogues add depth and authenticity to the film. “Neeyat” is an exciting co-production between Amazon Prime Video and Abundantia Entertainment, two powerhouses in the industry, collaborating to bring this project to life.

It is worth mentioning that “Neeyat” marks the fourth consecutive collaboration between the exceptionally talented Vidya Balan, Abundantia Entertainment, and Prime Video. Their previous collaborations, including the critically acclaimed “Shakuntala Devi,” as well as the thrilling films “Sherni” and “Jalsa,” have created anticipation and raised expectations for “Neeyat.”

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Neeyat Movie Plot :

“Neeyat” unfolds as an enthralling murder mystery set within the captivating world of Ashish Kapoor, a wealthy billionaire living in exile. The story takes an intriguing turn during Kapoor’s opulent birthday getaway when a shocking murder occurs, plunging the celebration into chaos. Stepping into the spotlight is the acclaimed detective Mira Rao, whose task is to untangle the web of secrets and uncover the truth.

As the investigation intensifies, suspicion lingers over Kapoor’s intimate circle of trusted family and friends, each harboring their own hidden desires and dark pasts. In this suspenseful narrative, the audience becomes engrossed in the enigmatic puzzle, joining Mira Rao on her quest to identify the culprit. The film promises an immersive experience, where viewers become detectives themselves, eagerly piecing together clues and motives while the clock ticks.

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Movie Budget :

The makers of “Neeyat” have invested an estimated budget of around Rs 50 Crores, reflecting their commitment to deliver a high-quality production. However, an intriguing challenge awaits as the film is scheduled to release alongside the highly anticipated “Mission Impossible 7” starring Tom Cruise. In order to carve its own success at the box office, “Neeyat” will heavily rely on capturing the attention of both critics and audiences through exceptional storytelling and performances. Positive reviews and favorable word-of-mouth will play a crucial role in drawing viewers to theaters and ensuring a strong and successful run for “Neeyat” amidst the intense competition.

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