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Shershaah is an upcoming Hindi movie whose genre is based on biographical war, is directed by Vishnuvardhan. Co-producer of the movie is Karan Johar. Shershaah movie is going to stream on Amazon Prime Video on 12th August, 2021. Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani are leading the main role in the movie. Siddharth is featuring in a doule role, as Vikram Batra. Also, Batra’s identical brother Vishal. Kiara Advani is playing the role as Dimple Cheema, Vikram Batra’s fiancé.


Release date

12 August 2021

Running time

135 minutes

Directed by


Produced by

Karan Johar,Hiroo Yash Johar,Apoorva Mehta,Shabbir Boxwala,Ajay Shah,Himanshu Gandhi

Written by

Sandeep Srivastava

Edited by

A. Sreekar Prasad


Sidharth Malhotra,Kiara Advani

Music by

Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production companies

Dharma Productions,Kaash Entertainment

Distributed by

Amazon Prime Video



Shershaah Movie Story and review :

The movie Shershaah is based on the life story of Captain Vikram Batra, a respected Indian army officer. He was one of the awardees of Param Vir Chakra award. Param Vir Chakra award is the highest and most prestigious award for the brave heroism. He was eligible to get the award for his actions during the Kargil War which was in Kashmir between India and Pakistan in 1999.

In 1999, Pakistan and India were fighting Kargil war, and in that war pakistan had lost 2700 soliders and some of the Pakistani soldiers about 250 ran away from the war. Although India had fought their best but nation had to lose 527 valor soldiers and more than 1300 valor had got injured.

This is the war where India had lost one of the gems, the legend Vikram Batra. In that Kargil war, his code name was ‘Shershaah’, based on this name the ‘Shershaah’ movie has been made. We will get to see in the movie about his life story, the way he fought for his nation, and some of his greatest words in a way of dialogues. We will also see his beautiful love story where Kiara Advani is playing the role very fondly as Vikram Batra’s fiancé.

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Vikram Batra was that much patriotic, when he got a job for merchant navy in Hongkong he didn’t opt for it. Rather he decided to do the job for nation as an Indian army. He believes that there is nothing more prestigious than a soldier, there is nothing pride as the uniform of an army, there is nothing bigger than patriotism. And that is the reason why he had stepped this kind of bravery for the nation that no one could do. Shershaah movie is the story of courage of the legend Batra. He always ready to join the war as a soldier anytime. At the very earliest age he was able to be the captain of Indian Army.

Vikram Batra was a real hero who sacrificed his life for the nation in the war. But his beautiful love story is also as memorable as he was. His fiancé Dimple cheema never got married after him, she was continuing the love and living the life as his widow.

How To Download Shershaah  Movie :

You can download shershaah movie from telegram, also, filmyzilla, Tamilrockers are providing the link for downloading the movie. You can enjoy the movie anywhere anytime. All you need to have a good internet connection. You can download it for almost free of cost. There are telegram channels which directly provide us almost all the movies to watch for free, we can save it on our device and enjoy it at our free time. Because some people do worry to go to theatre or watch them.

Warning :

Watching a movie and downloading or saving it to your device from any pirated site is not a safe way. Although pirated sites are making movies available for people at free of cost but it is a ciber crime. Without the owner’s consent, you can’t distribute one’s copyright things.

Public Opinion :

We are hoping that being a good actor Siddharth Malhotra is leading the main role as late Vikram Batra, the respected soldier. This movie will bring out a beautiful real story of an army and his love story. Kiara Advani is leading the role as his fiancé, and it seems like a perfect combination of action we are able to see.

Watch  Shershaah trailer :

  1. What is your review of the Shershaah movie on prime video?

    One of the best and talented actor is leading the lead role and even as a soldier, so there is no worry to get bored. It already started goosebumps after watching the trailer.

  2. How much are you excited for the shershaah movie?

    All the excitements is for sidhharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani. Because of their togetherness, hoping to see a greatest movie ever from them.

  3. What are the mistakes in the movie shershaah?

    There are some funny mistakes we will get to see, like in the scene where bomb blasting occurs, it seems like bombs are not touching any of the tents. Also, soldiers are running hither and thither in such a funny way.

  4. What is the first poster look at the Shershaah movie (Sidhharth Malhotra becomes Captain Vikram Batra in this war drama)?

    It is the sign of bravery and sacrifice. Also patriotism along with courage.

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