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The Suicide Squad is a Hollywood movie based on DC comics of 2021 film. This superhero film is produced by DC films, Atlas Entertainment and the Safran Company. The Suicide Squad is distributed by Warner Bros. This film is the tenth film in the DCEU.

The suicide squad

Release date

July 30, 2021 (United Kingdom)

Directed by

James Gunn

Produced by

Charles Roven,Peter Safran

Written by

James Gunn


Margot Robbie,Idris Elba,John Cena,Joel Kinnaman,Sylvester Stallone,Viola Davis,David Dastmalchian,Daniela Melchior,Michael Rooker,Jai Courtney,Margot Robbie,Idris Elba,John Cena,Joel Kinnaman,Sylvester Stallone,Viola Davis,DavidDastmalchian,Daniela Melchior,Michael Rooker,Jai Courtney,Peter Capaldi,Alice Braga,Pete Davidson


Henry Braham

Production companies

DC Films,Atlas Entertainment,The Safran Company

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

The suicide squad Movie Story and review :

The suicide squad is written and helmed by James Gunn. Margot Robbie will be seen as Harleyv Quinn in this science fiction film. This adventurous film has been released theatrically on 30th July, 2021 in United Kingdom and on 5th August, 2021 in United States. The Suicide Squad film runs for 132 minutes in English language.

John Cane will be seen as a peacemaker and Pete Davidson as Dick Hertz. Idris Elba will be seen as Bloodsport in this action/adventurous film of Hollywood. Also, Viola Davis as Officer Amanda Waller in the film. The lead character super villains Harley Quinn along with Bloodsport, peacemaker and a bunch of crazed cons at the Belle Rave Prison they had to join a super-secret and super-umbrageous Task which is Force-X. They were seemed like dropped off at the remote, they were dying to save the world from enemy.

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Officer Amanda being a wise and intellectual woman makes a team of cons for sending on a mission instead of sending officers on this dangerous mission. Quinn is also included there in this squad called suicide squad. Amanda prepares everyone and fits a bomb in their bodies so that they can’t run from the mission, if they do so they will be killed.

The Suicide Squad will fight against an army squad. Harley Quinn being a fearless woman she attacks enemies and war starts. The suicide squad try their best and all the abilities to fight against the army squad but can’t defeat them. One of the members from Suicide Squad named Swan tries to run but can’t save himself from Amanda. Amanda kills him with bomb which was inside his body.

This movie has twist where Amanda makes another suicide squad and the real mission will be done by the 2nd squad. This new squads have their dangerous abilities to overcome the mission. Amanda makes the squad understand about the mission magnificently that Corto Matlese Island is now under General Luna and Gen Mathew, Luna is an anti-American works in Naziera laboratory in jotunheim on the project of Starfish. Now, the suicide squad’s mission is to find the same and destroy the lab along with removing all the information.

Their mission is to save America from dangerous folks so that no one can harm Americans. So they use their abilities along with weapons to fight against the enemies at any cost. King Shark character will amaze all the public definitely.

How To Download The suicide squad Movie :

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Public Opinion :

The Suicide Squad movie has received many positive reviews from censor or reviewers. Everyone has extolled director Gunn’s wonderful sc-fiction script, style and direction along with the amazing fearless characters, they did everything and faced all the difficulties to overcome the mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can Aquaman communicate with King Shark telepathically like he can with normal sharks? Since King Shark is a sea creature on land, is he susceptible or immune to Aquaman’s telepathic abilities?

    Yes, he can communicate with King Shark.
    Yes he is still susceptible or immune to Aquaman’s telepathic abilities since he is sea creature on land.

  2. What was Waller’s original plan for dealing with Starro the Conqueror?

    Amanda waller did not have an original plan. Her only paln is to take out all the information of the Starfish mission.

  3. Why was ‘Peacemaker’ advertised to be in the new Suicide Squad?

    Peacemaker can use an array of special non-lethal weapons.

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