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Ullu Web Series Download Mp4moviez

ULLU is an App of Indian made on-demand streaming platform for movies, web series, shorts videos and different kind of videos. Ullu Web Series Download Mp4moviez

Ullu Web Series Download Mp4moviez

ULLU app is owned and maintained by producer Vibhu Agarwal. It is a private company for web portal, video streaming and video on demand where there are also available Ullu original films. It was launched on 25th December, 2018.

There are many OTT platforms in today’s era like ZEE5, ALtbalaji and all which provide movies and web series in the name of entertainment and so the ULLU App is. From drama series to horror, suspense stories, thriller, mysterious films, comedy, action thriller and basically romance genre, ULLU provides various genres of series for its visitors to give entertainment. Though, it is a paid streaming app which can relish you watching romance alongside lust stories and even 1st two episodes for free of cost. You can also watch trailer for free of any movies or series which streams here and releases in this platform.

Day by day movies are getting released on the OTT platforms so that people can watch their favorite shows, movies sitting at home. The more movies are coming, the more opportunities are also now getting available to watch them without spending much money. OTT platforms are now a day, a better way to get everything available in our devices. And many film makers are making more films and these days, in India, people are much addicted to web series because of their contents. Some of the scenes which are not allowed to show in theatres are openly showing in OTT platforms in web series and that is the reason why youths are more interested to watch all of these things.


ULLU is the platform which is mostly known for its original contents and some of the adult contents are also streaming in this particular OTT platform. From last few days, ULLU is heavily criticized for adding vulgarity in its contents. From source and media reports, it is said that ULLU is doing such heinous activities like featuring adult erotica content just to attract more subscribers during the last COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. In February, 2020, MX Player had collaborated with Ullu app for Adult web series. But, Indian government had announced new guidelines for OTT platforms and as well as digital platforms to not promoting extreme vulgarity to any kind of shows. After that Ullu had removed all its adult explicit contents. For that reason MX Player also removed its tie up with ULLU App and removed badly all of the shows of ULLU from their platform. Ullu Web Series Download Mp4moviez

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Ullu Web Series Download Mp4moviez

ULLU is running in India since 2018 but it increased its popularity at the time of Covid-19 pandemic. Becase, at the time of Covid 19 pandemic, people were quarantined at home and there was no option left to spend their leisure time other than watching web series on OTT platforms. People binge watched all the web series and from then OTT platforms started increasing popularity a bit more cause no one can go out to watch a movie in theatres at that time.


ULLU has released a new webseries recently named ‘damad ji’ and from source it is runing successfully and hitting the floor as fire. People even waiting for the part 2 because part 1 is much loved by public because of its discourtesy content. Damad Ji season 2 is available on ULLu’ s official website and app only. If you want to watch it you can visit the app without any query.

Downloading ULLU app is quite easy from google playstore and its rating is 3.9 star and yes it is good for entertaining content. Ullu Web Series Download Mp4moviez

Is the ULLU App Legal?

When the talk comes about legitimacy of ULLU then yes it is completely a legal App in India related to original web series of crime, thriller and romance genre. One can watch them without even any interruption and hesitation.

  1. Is Ullu Web Series safe to watch?

    Yes, the content of the Ullu app is completely safe. The use of the app hasn’t seen any virus attack on the devices and it’s found completely safe to use as per the cyber reports.

  2. How can you watch the Ullu web series online?

    You can watch the Ullu web series online by subscribing to its official website. After signing in, you will be able to watch episodes as they are released. You can also access exclusive content and offer feedback that helps improve the show’s quality.

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