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Vakeel Saab is a 2021 Telegu movie, directed by Venu Sriram and the movie stars Pawan Kalyan and Nivetha Thomas in the lead roles. 

Vakeel Saab

Release date

9th April 2021

Running time

156 minutes


Venu Sriram

Produced by

Dil Raju,Sirish

Written by

Venu Sriram

Edited by

Prawin Pudi

Music by

S. Thaman



Cast And Crew :

Pawan Kalyan as Adv. Konidela Satyadev,Nivetha Thomas as Vemula Pallavi,Anjali as Zareena Begum,Ananya Nagalla as Divya Nayak,Prakash Raj as Adv. Nanda Gopal,Shruti Haasan as Satyadev’s wife,Vamsi Krishna as Korentla Vamsi,Mukesh Rishi as MP Korentla Rajendra,Srikanth Iyyengar as CI K. Yugander,Lirisha as SI Saraladevi,Kedar Shankar as Pallavi’s father

Vakeel Saab Story And Review

The story is point-of-view, Pallavi, Zarina, and Divya are independent working women who get into trouble with a bunch of boys over consent one night. The drama takes on an intense turn after an unfortunate incident and the courtroom sequences and Pawan’s star power make it work. It’s after all, Vakeel Saab, the official remake of the Bollywood film, Pink by director Venu Sriram who intended to keep it as dramatic and as realistic as possible for South-Indian audiences.

As it releases this Friday on Amazon Prime after a successful run at the cinema theatres – it hopes to carry on the success baton via streaming. The government imposed new restrictions with surging coronavirus numbers has forced the movie to go on OTT platforms where we definitely see it raking in more eyeballs. The movie comes with music by composer S Thaman, who is known for his soulful but catchy tunes. 

Apart from Pawan Kalyan, Vakeel Saab stars Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj, and Shruthi Haasan and is directed by Venu Sriram.

Vakeel Saab
Vakeel Saab
Vakeel Saab
Vakeel Saab

Vakeel Saab is not the remake of Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s Pink. It is the remake of Nerkonda Paarvai, which was the Tamil remake of Pink. It is a copy of a copy of a copy. Unlike the original film, the heroic lawyer is not an elderly man with a sick wife and a tormented soul. In the Telugu remake, he is a revolutionary leader with great aspirations to create an egalitarian society where the rights of other people, especially women, are not curtailed.

Pawan Kalyan’s Satyadev has quit his practice as a lawyer. He felt betrayed by the very people he was fighting for as they failed to stand by him during a case at the right time. He is dejected and lost as he mulls over existential questions like what is the meaning of his life? What is the point of fighting for people who don’t stand by you? What is in it for me? Although he doesn’t think these questions out loud, this general sentiment is implied. Obviously, his absence from public life has led to a rise in injustice. But, Satyadev is away from limelight as he drowns himself in alcohol and barely keeps his temper in check.

He is forced to come out of his hibernation after three independent women are wronged and systematically persecuted by men in power. He can no longer watch it as a spectator as his blood boils by the injustice. He picks his lawyer’s robes, and off he goes to protect the honour of the three innocent and helpless women. As far as this premise goes, it is standard 80s fare.

Consent is not the main cause of concern for Satyadev, unlike his predecessors in Hindi and Tamil. We see him fight for the rights of people living in slums, forests and college students. He is fighting the injustice done to all sections of the society. The case involving three women is just another aspect of what he hopes to be a long and eventful journey.

Pawan’s loss in 2019’s election is the main theme of the film. “Even if you don’t need people. People need you,” various versions of this dialogue is repeated throughout the run time.

Nevertheless, director Venu Sriram and Pawan also honour the main subject and the message of the original film, which says ‘no means no’. When a huge star like Pawan Kalyan emotionally makes a strong case for consent and respecting boundaries, the message will reach far and wide. Also, the face-off between Prakash Raj and Pawan in the courtroom is highly entertaining.

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